Generalversammlung 2011, Foto KI

The district community organization of Riesbach promotes the population’s interests.

For more than one hundred years, district community organizations in the city of Zurich have been committed to the preservation and improvement of the quality of life. The Riesbach district organization was founded in 1894 and is approved and supported as a partner by the city authorities. It organizes social and cultural events and engages in local political issues of the Riesbach community.

If you live or work here, or have close relations with the Riesbach district, you are welcome as a member. It doesn’t matter where you come from nor which language you speak. Riesbach has always been a socially mixed urban district. Our aim as an organization is to promote the diversity, and to cultivate the communal life, among different kinds of people. We therefore believe that both good neighborly relations and urbanity do not mutually exclude each other, but, rather, complement each other.

The Annual Report of the Riesbach organization is always published in the first edition of the Kontacht in each new year. It provides updates about the Board’s activities and the various areas of activity under its responsibility. Past reports can be found in the organization’s archives.